The municipal offices of the R.M. of Rudy #284 are located at 400 Saskatchewan Avenue in the Town of Outlook, Sask. To contact the municipal office with questions or concerns about municipal issues: phone: 306 867-9349 Fax: 306 867-9898 E-mail: Box 1010 Outlook, SK. S0L 2N0

Office Hours
The municipal office is open from 8:30 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Office Staff

Administrator Trent Michelman
Assistant Administrator Laurie Lemon  
Utility Clerk Rachel Sillers  
Assessment Clerk Jackie Douville  
Administrative Assistant Shanda Rolleston  

Outside Workforce Staff

Jerome Beley | 306.867.7411
  Chad Kubashek  
Operators Riley Simonson  
  Layne Abrahamson  
  Steve Kallio  

Internet/Telephone Banking

You may pay your Municipal taxes on line. Please use your owner number which you will find on the top right hand corner of the notice. These owner numbers are up to three digits; if your bank requires more than three numbers, please insert zeros in front of the digits.

Fees for Office Services

Tax Certificate

$10.00 per parcel

R.M. of Rudy Map $7.62 plus GST ($8.00) + $1.50 shipping and handling
Assessment Appeal $30.00 per assessment
Photocopying $ .25 per page (our paper)
Faxes: $1.00


Emergency Services, Fire/Ambulance – 911
RCMP – (306) 867-5440
Outlook Heath Centre - (306) 867-2240


Basic Planning Statement 04-94, RM Zoning Bylaw 05-94, Building Bylaw 06-89

Waste Disposal Services

The RM of Rudy has an agreement with the town of Outlook for RM ratepayers to haul their garbage to the Outlook Waste Disposal Site. The loads are recorded at the gate and the Town invoices the RM for the fees. The RM of Rudy supports only the centralized waste disposal grounds at Outlook. Those ratepayers who choose to use other waste disposal sites must make private arrangements and pay the required fees with the other owners/operators for those sites. There are applicable landfill fees for large loads. The hours of the Waste Disposal Site are Tuesday – Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


The Town of Outlook operates an Eco Centre at the Outlook waste disposal grounds, which is a drop-off centre for used oil, filters and containers. Rural Municipality ratepayers are encouraged to use this facility and there are neither entrance fees nor any other fees for this service.

Recycling Bins
The municipality shares in the costs of the recycling bins located in the Town of Outlook. This enables R.M. of Rudy ratepayers to use these recycle bins. They are set up to recycle newspaper, cardboard, tin and plastic.

Scrap Tires
As a member of the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation, the Outlook landfill must charge a fee for the depositing of scrap tires. These fees are listed in Schedule “C” of the landfill fees.

Pesticide Disposal Site

The municipality chemical container collection site is located within the Town of Outlook Waste Disposal grounds. There are neither entrance gate fees nor any other fees for this service.

Municipal Tank Loading Facility

A water tank loading facility is located in Outlook at the Water Treatment Plant located along Railway Avenue. This site provides potable water at a charge of .25¢ for 100 gallons.